Breast reduction in Bonn

Breast reduction is a surgical operation designed to reduce the volume of the female breast.


T-cut bei Breast reduction woman


For many women, excessive breast volume poses a significant physical and psychological problem. Effective breast reduction often remains the only way to free affected women from this psychological strain. What with the bra straps that cut into the skin, chronic pain in the cervical spine region, increased sweating with recurrent skin inflammation and open wounds around the inframammary fold, it is barely possible to lead a normal daily life. Women suffering from this condition tend to avoid sport and don’t even contemplate going to the swimming pool or sauna.

A breast reduction can reduce the weight and size of large, often hanging (ptotic) breasts. At the same time, the outer skin is tightened. The reduction in volume and relief of the pain associated with carrying the weight, especially in the cervical spine region, leads to a massive functional improvement. Combined with aesthetic considerations, the successful operation brings about an entirely new feeling in the body and, in turn, completely new feelings of self-confidence. Affected women can once again participate in sports and social activities without feeling inhibited. Banal things, such as buying a suitable bra without having to search for hours, become a reality after a breast reduction.

The operation itself is relatively minor, but it can have far-reaching effects on all aspects of life. Those affected can be helped by simple means. We work to achieve natural results with a beautiful décolleté and inconspicuous scars. Let us help you transform your body image and give you a greater quality of life.

At a glance


2 hours


General anaesthetic


6 weeks wearing a special bra




After 6 weeks


Do not take any aspirin or other blood-thinning medication 14 days prior to the operation. In addition, a gynaecological examination of the breast should be carried out prior to surgery, if there is an increased risk of breast cancer in the family.

The surgery takes around 2 hours and is carried out under general anaesthetic.

You can see the success of the treatment immediately. You can return to your normal routine after around 3 days.
You will need to wear a compression bra for 6 weeks after the operation to achieve a perfect result. During this time, you should avoid raising your arms above your shoulders as well as strenuous physical activity.

We will discuss and explain all potential risks in detail prior to your operation. All operations carry a risk. As cosmetic surgery constitutes what is known as an elective, voluntary intervention, it is even more important that the patient is fully informed and prepared for the operation. We offer our full support to you before and after the operation, and are available 24/7 during this period.