Ear correction in Bonn

Otopexy refers to the surgical correction of protruding ears. This surgical procedure, also known as “flattening the ears”, can be carried out on both children and adults.

Protruding ears are actually harmless. But many people consider them an unsightly part of their appearance. Ear correction can be carried out in a day clinic and is now a routine procedure within the field of cosmetic surgery.


Ear correction in Bonn


Ear correction via otopexy – flattening of the ears – is mainly carried out for aesthetic reasons. The goal is to move the outer ear into a more natural position without leaving any signs of surgery. The procedure is suitable for both children and adults.

Different surgical techniques and access routes mean that there is a suitable method available for each patient. The procedure can be performed as a minimally invasive intervention or via open surgery.

Besides opotexy, we also offer a comprehensive range of correction and reconstruction options. These include the surgical repair of ear lobes after years of excessive wear of jewellery (so-called “tunnels”) or the reconstruction of torn ear lobes. For the latter, you should definitely consult a plastic surgeon, as defective ear lobes need to be restored anatomically and not simply sewn together.

At a glance


30-60 minutes


Depends on the scope and duration of the operation


Cooling the treated area


If necessary, wearing a headband for 3 weeks


Depends on the operation


After a detailed consultation and a comprehensive examination, we decide with you which technique is best suited in your specific case.
You must not take any aspirin or other blood-thinning medication 14 days prior to the operation.

The procedure itself takes about 30-60 minutes and is usually performed under local anaesthetic. If you are uncomfortable with this, we can also perform the operation under sedation or under general anaesthetic.

Despite localised swelling and small haematomas, you can see the results of the treatment immediately. The final results will stabilise after approx. 14 days. You can return to your normal routine after around 14 days.

All operations carry a risk. Needless to say, we will discuss all of the risks of surgery with you and explain them in detail before the procedure. As cosmetic surgery constitutes what is known as an elective, voluntary intervention, it is even more important that the patient is fully informed and well-prepared for the operation. For us it is a matter of course that we offer our full support to you before and after the operation and are available 24/7 during this period.

The shape and position of the ears is determined by the formation of the anthelix and the rotation of the concha. In the case of reconstruction in the ear area, it is normally only necessary to remodel the anthelix (reshaping of the ear). In some cases, this procedure needs to be combined with a concha rotation. These procedures can be performed under either local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic.