Fillers – facial treatments in Bonn

Fillers are used for the purposes of soft tissue augmentation in cosmetic surgery. They can help to balance out a lack of volume in areas suffering from wrinkles, scars and other depressions (such as hollow cheeks, age-related atrophy, post-inflammatory atrophy, etc.)

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronsäure Behandlung

Hyaluronic acid

With increasing age, the skin loses its elasticity and volume. This causes wrinkles, while those facial landmarks that serve to create a youthful appearance – such as high cheeks, an appropriate submental angle and a straight chin line – disappear and begin to lack definition. The entire face starts to droop.
Fillers (hyaluronic acid | calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres) can be used to fill deep, static wrinkles and to reconstruct anchor points on the face, which results in an instantly more youthful appearance. Both hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite are chemicals produced by the body. They decompose fully – in around 6 to 24 months for hyaluronic acid and 24-36 months for calcium hydroxylapatite.
As hyaluronic acid can be broken down using hylase, we generally use this product for filler treatments.
There are specific filler substances that should be used for different parts of the face. They differ in terms of how they interlink, the volume increase that they achieve and the depth that they can be applied.


At a glance


15-30 minutes


Local anaesthetic upon request


Cooling the treated area




After one day

Treatment areas for neuromodulators (botulinum toxin) and fillers

Nasolabial fold • Nose corrections • Smokers’ lines • Lip contouring and replenishment • Marionette lines • Filling the tear trough • Corner lip lift • Filling tissue defects in the chin and jaw area • Laughter lines • Refreshing the skin in the décolleté, neck and cheek regions • Filling acne scars • Smoothing frown lines • Raising eyebrows for drooping eyelids • Filling areas under the eyes • Re-establishing the chin line • Reconstruction of the cheek region • Reconstruction of fatty deposits in the face

Following a detailed consultation and in-depth examination, we will provide you with a custom quote. This is based on the expected quantity of filler required and the length of the procedure.
Filler procedures do not require an overnight stay and you will not experience any downtime as a result. You must not take any aspirin or other blood-thinning medication 14 days prior to the procedure.

The procedure lasts around 30 minutes. The filler will be injected through a thin needle. The corresponding area of skin will be numbed. After the procedure, we advise cooling the area that has been treated. You may experience slight swelling in the area that has been treated during the first few days.

The results will be visible immediately. The final look takes around 7 days to establish. You can return to your normal everyday life immediately after the treatment.

We will meet again 7-14 days afterwards to discuss the results.

I believe it is very important to provide a holistic treatment plan and individual therapy concept for each of my patients.

All of the fillers that I use (hyaluronic acid or Radiesse™) are fully dissolved by the body. Any redness or minimal haematomas that appear as a result can be covered with make-up and disappear within a few days.
The FILLER | HYALURONIC ACID TREATMENT is a fully reversible, safe and simple procedure. It is quick and offers maximum impact, providing it is performed by an experienced practitioner.