Cosmetic surgery for men in Bonn
Cosmetic surgery for men in Bonn

Cosmetic surgery for men

Biological ageing affects both men and women. Despite this, skin rejuvenating measures, anti-ageing therapies and cosmetic surgery have been a taboo subject for men for many years, as they were seen as being “unmasculine”.
In an increasingly body-conscious society and against the backdrop of male emancipation, nowadays we are lucky enough to be able to speak openly about beauty treatments for men. While neuromodulators (botulinum toxin) and hyaluronic acid treatments, not to mention liposuction, used to be a purely female domain, these days they are part of many men’s daily care routines – or at least, they are considered by many men, even if they do not always immediately dare to take the plunge and utilise the possibilities provided by modern medicine.
We want to break down these barriers – we believe that cosmetic surgery should be accessible to both men and women. Neuromodulator (botulinum toxin) treatments can make men look fresher and wrinkle-free again too, while filler treatments allow us to attractively emphasise and define male facial contours. And yes, even problem areas on the chest and abdomen can be easily treated with high-definition liposuction.

Be brave! If you want to change something about yourself, get in touch! We look forward to meeting you and to having an open conversation with you about your wishes.

anti ageing surgery men bonn

Plastic surgery does not necessarily mean undergoing an operation. We prefer to talk about cosmetic therapy, rather than cosmetic surgery, because we want to emphasise our holistic treatment approach.
A suitable cosmetic routine is very important for men too – exfoliating regularly and using moisturising lotions strengthens and supports our skin, which incidentally is the largest organ in the body.

Our goals for anti-ageing therapy: Unfortunately, we cannot stop ageing altogether, and we don’t want to radically change your personality. But we can – and want to – preserve your natural beauty for as long as possible, to help you feel more relaxed about getting older – all within the framework of healthy medical possibilities and margins.

Body surgery for men in Bonn

Plastic surgery has long since become a legitimate tool when it comes to living in today’s body-conscious culture, including when you simply want to improve the way you look. It wasn’t that long ago when cosmetic surgery was still a taboo subject amongst male circles. But attitudes to the body and acceptance within society have changed a lot. Men also want to stay fit and look good into their late 40s and 50s. However, with stress from work and the family, there is often not enough time to focus on your own body, so problem areas don’t get the full attention that they deserve. And this is where we come in.

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