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Mummy Make Over Operationen in Bonn

Mommy Make Over in Bonn

Pregnancy places an immense strain on the female body. Hormonal changes, the stretching of the abdomen, the subsequent breastfeeding and the birth itself can all leave their mark – firm, taut skin becomes a thing of the past.

These changes are part of life and actually affect all mothers, no matter what age. However, many women find it hard to accept. They feel like they have lost their bodies – however happy they may be to be a mom.

Exercise and a healthy diet are not sufficient in these cases – pregnancy can cause permanent damage to anatomical structures, damage which can only be restored via surgery. As such, it is totally legitimate to consider this as an option.

Mommy Make Over Definition

Mummy Make Over Operation Bonn

Mommy Make Over Definition

The generic term used to refer to all of the different recovery procedures available is the so-called “mommy makeover”. This recovery can include breast tightening, restoring original breast volume through the use of implants or autologous fat, and nipple reduction.

The abdominal wall can also be tightened, while the rectus abdominal muscles can be restored – these can become permanently separated during pregnancy as the abdomen stretches. The resulting rounded tummy can be perceived as unsightly.


At a glance


3-5 hours


General anaesthetic


6 weeks of compression clothing


14 days wearing a headband


After 6-8 weeks


If you are hoping to have more children, you should wait until you have given birth for the last time before having a mommy makeover. You can, of course, still go through pregnancy after an abdominal wall tightening and/or breast tightening. However, it is very likely that the tissue will stretch and sag again afterwards.

Depending on the procedure and your individual case, recovery can take between two to six weeks. It is advisable to have someone who can help look after your child or children during this time.

We recommend combining the treatments in one single procedure, as this means that you only need to be anaesthetised once and do not need to recover twice.