PRP therapy for hair loss in Bonn

Platelets have a high content of different growth factors and cytokines. Platelet activation releases these growth factors and has a regenerative effect on the cells.

Natural cell regeneration for the hair

PRP Hair loss for men

Natural cell regeneration for the hair

A full head of hair stands for youth and strength. Hair has a high symbolic power. Our hair has a big impact on our appearance and symbolises health and vitality. The condition of your hair, its quality and colour are essentially genetically determined. The structure of hair changes over the course of a lifetime, as does the hair density. These changes are out of our control. Once the hair has fallen out, the only remedy is a hair transplant.

But it is possible to counteract the process of hair loss to prevent it from reaching this stage. PRP hair root treatment has established itself as a very promising method. It has been used successfully in the field of hair surgery for years. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. This is concentrated blood plasma (without red blood cells) boasting an enormous concentration of growth factors, which are responsible for cell regeneration. The highly concentrated plasma is injected into the scalp in the area of the hair roots, where it has a positive effect on hair growth, hair regeneration and the thickness of the hair. The concept is based on the idea that the hair roots are given an adequate supply of the nutrients that are essential for healthy hair growth by the highly concentrated growth factors.

At a glance


30 minutes


Local anaesthetic


Repeat treatment every 3 months
for the first year






Targeted injections with PRP in the area of the scalp can stop hair loss over the long term. With regular treatment, an increase in hair density can also be observed. The combination of stem cells and growth factors ensures sustainable cell regeneration and a visible improvement in hair quality.

The treatment should be repeated 4 to 6 times within a short period of time. To maintain the results, the treatment should be refreshed each year.

Generally speaking, PRP hair treatment is suitable for men and women of all ages. However, there needs to be a presence of hair that can be strengthened. Unfortunately, blood clotting disorders, HIV and hepatitis are contraindications. Patients suffering from autoimmune diseases, liver diseases and cancer are also not suitable for the treatment. Pregnant women should also not be treated with PRP.

The injected nutrients act immediately after the injection. However, the process of the actual cell regeneration takes longer. It can take months to see a significant measurable and visible improvement to the hair structure.

Yes, definitely. That’s why we only use centrifuges and syringes from the world’s most renowned manufacturer. This guarantees the best possible results and is important for patient safety and therefore also patient satisfaction – both of which are crucial for us in terms of the demands we place on the quality of our work.

No shampoo on the first day of treatment. You cannot use swimming pools, solariums or saunas for 7 days.