Six pack surgery in Bonn

Thanks to the latest techniques in plastic surgery, we are able to perform athletic body modelling for men and women. This means that we can create an optimum physical appearance where there is a good anatomical base.

sixpack surgery for men bonn

We are all familiar with diets, fasting, endurance sports, weights, and the rest. In other words, sacrifice. And despite it all, you often don’t lose weight from the places you want to. Often, all of this hard work causes little to no change to the abdomen and the flanks or waist in particular.

At a glance


2-3 hours


General anaesthetic


6 weeks of compression clothing


After 2 days


No sport for 6 weeks


As long as you eat a healthy diet and do regular exercise, you should enjoy permanent results. After liposuction, the fat is generally stored in other areas. However, if calorie intake is excessive, it will eventually land right back where you have removed it from.

No. Six pack surgery is only suitable for patients with fat above the muscles. A classic beer belly cannot be removed via liposuction. Unfortunately. In this case, patients need to change their diet and exercise.

Following a detailed consultation and in-depth examination, we will provide you with a personal treatment plan. We will then discuss what is realistically possible and what is more of a utopian dream.

Generally for 2 to 3 hours.

The final results of the operation will be visible after 6 months. Until then, you need to be patient. You need to wear stabilising compression clothing for 6 weeks after the operation. You can return to your normal routine immediately after surgery.

We always take care to set the contour lines of “your” six pack in line with your natural anatomy, so the results look as natural as possible.

In women, we usually only define the lateral and central rectus abdominal muscles and partially define the oblique abdominal muscles. But we can define a six pack on women too upon request.
For men, we define the entire abdominal muscles – if the patient’s physical condition is suitable. But we always have a detailed consultation with our patients first to discuss the desired result.

In order to achieve optimum results, it is equally imperative for both men and women to undergo what is known as 360° liposuction. You will be turned over on the operating table while under sedation. This is the only way to create the desired waistline on women and to address “love handles” on men. We always start on the back with the patient in a prone position, and then turn the patient into a supine position and address the abdomen. The “fine-tuning”, i.e. the definition, is then carried out as the final step.