Upper arm tightening in Bonn

Upper arm tightening or brachioplasty involves removing excess skin and any fatty tissue. This may be necessary after pronounced liposuction in the case of a lipoedema or after severe weight loss.

Upper arm lift

upper arm tightening in Bonn

Upper arm lift

The skin in the upper arm area can become saggy as a result of ageing and severe weight fluctuations. Often, this results in a stigmatising excess of skin, which is at odds with a balanced, well-proportioned appearance and makes you look “old” all of a sudden. Fortunately, these so-called “bat wings” – which can significantly impair your physical health at home and at work – can be easily treated.

An upper arm lift can help to bring the contours of the arm back into a more harmonious overall look. The arms will once again look stronger, smoother and firmer. A combination of incisions and liposuction has proven itself as a successful surgical solution for this procedure. The scars sit in an area that is not directly visible. We perform the liposuction using the tissue-protecting PAL (=vibration-assisted liposuction) technique and sew the wounds with high levels of precision to achieve perfect aesthetic results.

We want you to be able to look in the mirror, feel comfortable in your skin and wear whatever you want.

At a glance


1 hour


General anaesthetic


6 weeks of compression clothing


After approx. 3 days


After 6 weeks


After a detailed consultation and a comprehensive examination, we will discuss the degree of the tightening and the incision length with you. Do not take any aspirin or other blood-thinning medication 14 days prior to the operation.

The surgery takes around 1 hour and is carried out under general anaesthetic.

You can see the results of the treatment immediately. You will need to wear compression clothing for 6 weeks after surgery to get a perfect result. You can return to your normal routine after around 3 days.

We will discuss and explain all potential risks in detail prior to your operation. All operations carry a risk. As cosmetic surgery constitutes what is known as an elective, voluntary intervention, it is even more important that the patient is fully informed and prepared for the operation. We offer our full support to you before and after the operation, and are available 24/7 during this period.