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Dr. Jafar Jorjani

Nature and aesthetics
Natur und Ästhetik
Nature and aesthetics

Nature is full of inspiration, containing the most amazing shapes and colours. And each and every human body is also perfect, interesting and loveable in its own way – with or without “blemishes”.
Asymmetries and irregularities lend us our unique and distinctive characters. Sometimes you like these irregularities. Sometimes you don’t. If you don’t like your own irregularities, you no longer have to simply put up with them.

Age and physical changes

Life leaves its mark on all of us. We are constantly changing through the different phases of our lives – be it due to natural processes such as ageing, or due to illness, nutrition, exercise or lack thereof, accidents, hormonal changes or other factors.
Over the years, some of us feel an increasing discrepancy between our desired self-image and the reality. In our increasingly visual world, you can feel like you are being constantly observed and judged. Perfection is seen as a measure of success. But no one is actually flawless. Through plastic surgery, I can help you to restore the balance between your inner desire and your appearance – so long as it is possible within a reasonable medical framework!

Age and physical changes
Schönheitschirurg Jafar Jorjani in Bonn
Expertise and expectations
Schönheitschirurg Dr. Jorjani Jorjani Bonn
Expertise and expectations

During the course of my many years of training as a specialist physician in the field of reconstructive, plastic and cosmetic surgery, I have come across many patients across all age groups and in a range of situations – some are chronically ill, some have a life-threatening condition, and others are suffering from cosmetic issues. This has, of course, strongly influenced my attitude to my medical work – and to the people who approach me for help. Thanks to them, I have also learnt and been able to develop myself on a personal level.

Almost everyone carries a burden around with them. And for every person, this particular burden has its own weight and can even affect quality of life. Recognising this has been the most important lesson that I have learnt. You have to respect every wish! And the second important finding: as a doctor, it is unfortunately not possible to make every wish a reality.

Background, love and passion

My roots are Persian, I am from northern Germany, and I live in the Rhineland. I like to write, play a lot of sport, love Scandinavian and industrial design and the Italian way of life. I am happy that I have been able to turn my passion into a career and I look forward to welcoming you to my practice in Bonn.

Background, love and passion
Schönheitschirurg Jafar Jorjani in Praxis
Yours, Dr. Jorjani

Clinical study at the University of Bonn: Medium to long-term results following an anterior cruciate ligament rupture and care with the healing response technique
Doctoral candidate: Prof. Dr Dieter Christian Wirtz

2018 | Supercharged Breast and Buttocks Augmentation (Dr Aslani – Marbella)
2017 | DGPRÄC: Cosmetic Rhinoplasty (Dr Bromba – Essen)
2017 | DGPRÄC: Augmentation Mastopexy (D. Manassa – Düsseldorf)
2017 | Breast and Buttocks Master Course (Dr Aslani – Marbella)
2017 | DGPRÄC: Facelift Course (Kö-Klinik Düsseldorf)
2016 | Microsurgery (MRI TUM)
2014 | DGPRÄC: Lifting operations (Dr Richter – Dreilfaltigkeinishaft Krankenhaus, Wesseling)
2012 | AO Trauma – Hand Course II
2011 | AO Trauma – Hand Course I.

Poster presentation at the 2019 DGPRÄC, Hamburg: Genetic predisposition to the development of the lipoedema – a case study based on a pair of identical twins (50th anniversary of the DGPRÄC)

Poster presentation at the 2018 DGPRÄC, Bochum: Interventional radiology and vascular surgery as an essential part of the treatment of chronic wounds

Poster presentation at the 2018 DGPRÄC, Bochum: Pedicled myocutaneous “Mutton Chop” flap surgery: an alternative to covering major defects in the gluteal and sacral area

Lecture at the 2017 Breast Symposium, Bonn: The funnel chest deformity and POLAND syndrome

Publication, 2013: Jorjani J, Altmann D, Auen R, Koopmann C, Lyuteski B, Wirtz D C. Medium to long-term results following an anterior cruciate ligament rupture and care with the healing response technique. Z Orthop Unfall 2013; 151: 570-579

Publication, 2010: Altmayer M, Jorjani J, Breull A, Macchiarini P. Bi-national study on the intensive training of thoracic surgeons:

Participation in the Tissue Engineering (tracheal transplantation) and Pulmonary Hypertension research groups, 2009: Hospital for Thoracic Surgery, Hospital Clínic (Barcelona, Spain), Prof. Dr Dr PhD Paolo Macchiarini

Dr Jorjani is a long-standing member of the following associations:

DGPRÄC (German Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Society)

ICOPLAST (International Confederation of Plastic Surgery Societies)

ESPRAS (European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery)