Nasal correction women Bonn
Nasal correction for women in Bonn

Nasal correction in Bonn

Nasal correction without surgery is a modelling procedure. Hyaluronic acid injections can be used to correct hump or saddle noses. The tip of the nose can also be raised. This does not alter the size of the nose. Instead, the shape of the nose is improved and balanced.


Nasal correction in Bonn


The nose is a central element of our face. Any irregularities, disproportionality or asymmetry of the nose can be viewed as unsightly as it affects the overall harmony of the face. However, not everyone suffering from a dominant nose has to undergo an operation to correct their nose. Just by using hyaluronic acid injections (so-called fillers), it is possible to raise the tip of the nose, to compensate for nasal cavities and to refine broad noses by increasing the rear of the nose. So it is possible to treat yourself to a “new nose” without having to undergo surgery with irreversible results. The hyaluronic acid correction lasts at least 12 months. It can create a more balanced nose shape to make the overall face look more harmonious.

Should you desire a permanent surgical nasal correction after having undergone the nose remodelling without surgery, we can of course also help you with this.

At a glance


10 minutes


Local anaesthetic on request


Cooling the treated area




After one day


After a detailed consultation and a comprehensive examination, we will decide with you which technique is best suited in your specific case.

You must not take any aspirin or other blood-thinning medication 14 days prior to the operation.

The procedure itself takes about 10 minutes and is usually performed under local anaesthetic.

Even in the case of localised swelling and possible smaller haematomas, the results can be seen immediately. The final results will stabilise after 7 days. You can return to normal life immediately.

Noses that have been operated on in the past are atypical in terms of their anatomy and usually have less blood circulation. As such, we do not use hyaluronic acid in this case, as the risk of skin necrosis is significantly increased.

It is possible to change the tip of the nose and to smooth out bumps in the nose by injecting hyaluronic acid into the nose. Noses can even be straightened in some circumstances. However, it is important to bear in mind that the results are not permanent – they tend to last for around 12 months.