Dr. Tobias Heuft

Mirror Of Our Inner Self
Mirror Of Our Inner Self

Our body is more than the shell that accompanies us throughout our lives. It reflects our personality and an expression of our well-being. This interaction works in both ways, the inner self is about what can’t be seen:
our emotions, values, personality to mention a few which influences our outer self. And, our outer appearance contributes significantly to our inner happiness. As an expert in plastic surgery, I can help you in bringing the two into harmony and thus achieving more joie de vivre – on the basis of an in-depth consultation and within a medically reasonable framework.

From desire to passion

The desire to emphasize and enhance the individual beauty of a person really grew during my medical studies. Giving people an opportunity to empower self-development with the aid of plastic surgery has become a true passion of mine.

I started my training in plastic and aesthetic surgery in one of the most renowned clinics for hand surgery in Germany. From there on, I was appointed as a senior physician in facial surgery and in the field of plastic breast and lifting operations. This broad experience is enriched by my involvement in the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and the international contacts that have arisen from it. I would be delighted to accompany you with my extensive expertise your journey to achieving your dream body.

From desire to passion
Leisure and Passions
Leisure and Passions

Born and raised in the Rhineland, I still have close ties to this region. I live with my wife and two sons in Bonn, where I really enjoy the Rhineland mentality and family life. As passionate water sports enthusiasts, we are drawn to the coasts of the Netherlands and Spain as often as possible in our free time. SUP, wing and kite surfing are our absolute favourites here, which we enjoy with the whole family.

Yours, Dr. Heuft

Klinische Studie an der Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn Thema: Mittel- bis langfristige Ergebnisse nach vorderer Kreuzbandruptur und Versorgung in Healing Response Technik
Doktorvater: Prof. Dr. med. Dieter Christian Wirtz

2018 | Supercharged Breast and Buttocks Augmentation (Dr. Aslani – Marbella)
2017 | DGPRÄC: Ästhetische Rhinochirurgie (Dr. Bromba – Essen)
2017 | DGPRÄC: Augmentationsmastopexien (Dr. Manassa – Düsseldorf)
2017 | Breast and Buttocks Master-Kurs (Dr. Aslani – Marbella)
2017 | DGPRÄC: Facelift-Kurs (Kö-Klinik Düsseldorf)
2016 | Mikrochirurgie (München Klinikum rechts der Isar TUM)
2014 | DGPRÄC: Straffungsoperationen (Dr. Richter – Dreifaltigkeits-Krankenhaus Wesseling)
2012 | AO Trauma – Handkurs II
2011 | AO Trauma – Handkurs I

Postervortrag DGPRÄC 2019 Hamburg: Genetische Prädisposition zur Entwicklung des Lipödems – Eine Fallvorstellung anhand eines eineiigen Zwillingspaares (50. Jahrestagung DGPRÄC)

Postervortrag DGPRÄC 2018 Bochum: Interventionelle Radiologie und Gefäßchirurgie als essentieller Bestandteil in der Behandlung chronischer Wunden

Postervortrag DGPRÄC 2018 Bochum: Die gestielte, myocutane “Mutton Chop” Lappenplastik: Eine Alternative zur Deckung von größflächigen Defekten im Gluteal- und Sakralbereich

Vortrag Brustsymposium 2017 Bonn: Die Trichterbrustdeformität und das POLAND-Syndrom

Publikation 2013: Jorjani J, Altmann D, Auen R, Koopmann C, Lyutenski B, Wirtz D C. Mittel- bis langfristige Ergebnisse nach vorderer Kreuzbandruptur und Versorgung in Healing Response Technik. Z Orthop Unfall 2013; 151: 570-579

Publikation 2010: Altmayer M, Jorjani J, Breull A, Macchiarini P. Binationale Studie zur Intensivausbildung von Thoraxchirurgen:

Mitarbeit in den Forschungsgruppen Tissue Engineering (Trachealtransplantation) und Pulmonale Hypertonie 2009: Klinik für Thoraxchirurgie, Hospital Clínic (Barcelona/Spanien), Prof. Dr. Dr. med. PhD Paolo Macchiarini

Dr. Jorjani ist langjähriges Mitglied folgender Gesellschaften:

DGPRÄC (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie)

ICOPLAST (International Confederation of Plastic Surgery Societies

ESPRAS (European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery)