We want to achieve the best results for our patients in every field and at all times – with maximum safety during the operation itself as well as afterwards.

You are strong on your own, but even stronger in a team. As the lead physician of the Bonn Aesthetics brand, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our partners. They complement our range of services and help us achieve outstanding results in all areas.

Prof. Dr.Dr. Dreiseidler
Prof. Dr. Dr. Dreiseidler

Prof. Dr Dreiseidler is a specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery; a specialist in oral, jaw and facial surgery; and a specialist in oral surgery. He has been supporting our team since January 2021, focusing on facial surgery at Bonn Aesthetics.
From face lifts to lower blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and otopexy – when it comes to surgical harmonisation, rejuvenation and rebalancing, you are in the very best hands here.
Prof. Dr Dreiseidler is also an expert in laser surgery. In addition to facial rejuvenation therapy, he applies this expertise to the eyelid surgery that he performs – a real unique selling point in the region!
You would struggle to find another doctor with such a detailed medical education, this level of passion for facial surgery, and so much empathy in dealing with patients.


We want you to feel completely safe – and this goes far beyond the actual operation! That is why our treatment does not end with the surgery itself. We can only talk about having achieved an assured result when the wound has completely healed and we have been with you every step of the way.

We can put our medical skills into practice to help ensure the best results. But what happens if complications do arise? It can quickly become very expensive.

In the German health system, people have to walk a financial tightrope with self-paid services as these services are still not covered by health insurance companies, even in the case of a valid medical reason.

This is where the “Safe4Beauty” insurance policy comes into play. It ensures maximum financial security for our patients after the surgery, even in the worst-case scenario. And it can be relied on 100%, isn’t full of red tape and follows the same principle that we apply to all our services – our priority is our patients.

Of course, there are other providers in this sector in Germany. But we have had the best experience with “Safe4Beauty” in recent years and can therefore recommend them with a good conscience. They represent an insurer who are just there if and when you need them.