Erstgespräch mit Dr. Jafar Jorjani in Bonn
Beratungsgespräch bei Dr. Jafar Jorjani in Bonn


The personal consultation is the first time the doctor and patient meet. As such, it forms the basis for a trusting relationship. I believe it to be essential that people are on the same page, both professionally and personally. The “chemistry” must be right – it is the only way to create a trusting, long-term relationship. This applies to both surgical and non-surgical treatments. It is not just important for possible interventions, but also when it comes to the preparation and particularly in the follow-up care.


An operation or conservative intervention is never the end of anti-ageing therapy. In order to achieve the best results, I pay close attention to my patients during their follow-up care and wound management to ensure the best possible results can be secured.


Even a doctor and patient’s relationship can only work well when they work together as a team. Honesty on both sides forms the foundation of this.

During our first consultation, you should describe exactly what you wish to change about your body, and provide information about any illnesses, allergies and medication.

On request, we can produce detailed images of the relevant areas. We can then use these to discuss which types of surgery are possible and, above all, sensible, and which risks may be associated with the therapy. The images are treated with the strictest confidence. This means that when we meet for the first time, we can discuss the costs of the treatment and its duration.


All consulting services, both for wrinkle treatment and for surgical interventions, are calculated in line with the statutory requirements pertaining to the medical profession, as stated in the GOÄ (German medical fee schedule).


If you want to undergo cosmetic surgery, make sure that your doctor has the following qualifications:

  1. A completed specialist training in plastic and cosmetic surgery. “Schönheitschirurg” (beauty surgeon), “Ästhetischer Chirurg” (aesthetic surgeon) and “Kosmetischer Chirurg” (cosmetic surgeon)” are not protected occupations in Germany – meaning that these job titles can be used by any doctor. In many cases, doctors with these titles do not possess the necessary expertise.
  2. Membership in one of the renowned professional associations (DGPRÄC, VDÄPC, DGÄPC) – these are the only national professional bodies in Germany that only admit qualified specialist plastic and cosmetic surgeons.
  3. Many years of professional experience and proof of continuous further development and training.
We look forward to meeting you.