Jawline definition for men

The jawline refers to the angle between the chin and the jaw. It shapes the transition between face and neck, and is crucial in creating a harmonious facial contour.

Jawline definition

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Jawline definition

A striking chin with the characteristic prominent chin line (the so-called jawline) is considered a vital part of an attractive male appearance. There are several reasons why some men may have a less defined chin or jaw area. It may be down to genetics or congenital reasons, or due to ageing. There are also men who have a slightly distinct chin/jaw contour, but who want it to be more defined and pronounced.

We can use hyaluronic acid to improve the aesthetic balance of the face. Localised injections in the chin and jaw region can be used to rebalance the lower part of the face in minutes. The result is a distinctive, strong chin and a fresher appearance. And all of this without surgery.

At a glance


20 minutes


Local anaesthetic


Cooling the treated area




After 24 hours


This depends on the individual case. For men, at least 3-4 millilitres are needed to achieve a sufficient effect. The structure must be built up from the chin to the jaw angle.

We use high-grade, cross-linked fillers with a high G prime. The results last for at least one year. After that, the treatment must be refreshed. Often, however, less filler is needed for this than for initial treatment.

This can also happen. In these cases, we only define the chin and treat the chewing muscles with botulinum toxin A. This leads to a more clearly defined and slimmer face silhouette, without loss of masculinity.