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Voluminous, sensual lips are one of the key beauty ideals in our society. However, some people are pre-disposed to having narrow lips, while others lose lip volume as they grow older.

Hyaluronic acid is ideal for building up a natural-looking lip volume. The golden rule for this is to always consider the natural relation of the upper lip to the lower lip, which is 1:1.6 larger, as otherwise the results look rather artificial.

The lip itself has numerous anatomical “landmarks” – such as the Cupid’s bow, vermilion border and lip tubercles – and these must be taken into account for any professional lip enlargement. Professional practitioners can emphasise the contour of the lips, increase lip volume, reduce smoking wrinkles, correct asymmetries and hydrate the lips.

In our practice, our goal is always to achieve natural results. Lots of people want fuller lips, but no one wants the final results to look artificial or to impact their facial expression. To ensure that we always achieve the desired results, we have deepened our expertise and practical skill by training with some of the best specialists in the world.

Here in Bonn, we use the so-called “BOW & ARROW” technique. In this case, the lip volume is filled using blunt hollow needles via the oral commissure. The filler is injected in fine lines, so the filler is visible but not noticeable. The “Tower” technique is then used to fine-tune the results (see FAQs). The Cupid’s bow and lip tubercles are emphasised, so the lips are given the right “glow”. We don’t just fill lips. We are passionate about ensuring that they become as beautiful as possible.

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Local anaesthetic


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After a detailed consultation and a comprehensive examination, we will decide which areas of the lips should be treated.
Do not take any aspirin or other blood-thinning medication 14 days prior to the operation.
Furthermore, your lips must be free from infections and wounds (such as herpes).

The procedure itself takes about 10 minutes and is usually performed under local anaesthetic. In order to avoid you suffering from any pain, we numb the lips with an anaesthetic cream before the first incision. The blunt, especially gentle hollow needles, ensure that you will not suffer any pain during the procedure.

Despite localised swelling and small haematomas, you will be able to see the success of the treatment immediately. The final results will stabilise after 3-4 days.

You can return to your normal activities immediately after the treatment.

We use a maximum of 1 ml of fillers per session. You may be wondering why it is so little. Allow us to explain. Very narrow lips only have a limited absorption capacity. In the case of a lip enlargement involving more than 1 ml of filler per session, there is a risk that the filler will pass through the anatomical boundaries, which can lead to deformities and fibrosis. Mistreatment of this kind can often be seen on social media images or videos where young women have a thick line around their lips. This is a typical sign of inappropriate use of the lip filler.

The treatment can be repeated every 4 weeks.

We can do everything, but there are reasons why the perfect lip is defined with a ratio of 1:1.6 and why anatomical features such as a sharply limited vermilion border, a pronounced Cupid’s bow and discreet yet striking tubercles must be considered when forming the lip. Otherwise, the lips no longer look attractive.

The BOW & ARROW technique is where a blunt hollow needle is used to fill the upper and lower lips in the lip commissure area with just two linear incisions.
Benefits of this procedure: we only work with two incisions, so the risk of haematoma is as low as possible. It also limits the formation of fibrosis; stops the filler from migrating to other parts of the face; and reduces pain. To supplement the volume build-up with the blunt needle, we also use the pointed “Tower” technique to emphasise the classic anatomical landmarks.

The “Tower” technique is ideal for defining the M-shape of the Cupid’s bow and the lower lip tubercles. Starting from the vermilion border, small filler towers are injected into the tissue in minimal quantities.

Not really. Prior to treatment, a high-dose anaesthetic cream is applied, so you will hardly experience any pain during the procedure once it has taken effect.

Yes, a permanent enlargement of the lips can be achieved via an autologous fat transplant.

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