breast enlargement in Bonn
Breast Enlargement Mummy Make over in Bonn

Breast enlargement in Bonn

Breast enlargement is a collective term for the enlargement (augmentation) of the female breast. It can be carried out using autologous fat or using a foreign material.

Breast enlargements with implants

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Breast enlargements with implants

Patients who naturally have less breast tissue often want to go down the route of breast enlargements with silicone implants. A small cup size can have a huge psychological effect, as the breast is an essential part of a female’s appearance. Using implants to restore lost breast volume can also be effective after pregnancy or weight loss. In some cases, this is combined with breast tightening. It should be noted, however, that breast enlargements can also be performed very successfully using autologous fat, i.e. fat from the patient’s own body. As such, in many cases we prefer to implement a combined treatment consisting of both silicone implants and autologous fat – this allows us to achieve very natural-looking results with a minimum amount of implant material. We only use implants from the world’s leading implant manufacturers in our treatments. The implant may be positioned above or below the pectoral muscles.

At a glance


2 hours


General anaesthetic


6 weeks wearing a special bra




After 6 weeks


After a detailed consultation and the simulation of different breast sizes and shapes, as well as a comprehensive examination, we will decide upon the possible implant sizes together. Do not take any aspirin or other blood-thinning medication 14 days prior to the operation.

The surgery takes around 1.5 hours and is carried out under general anaesthetic. 3D simulations are used as a basis upon which to test different implant sizes using sterile test implants during surgery. This forms the basis for achieving the most natural and balanced looking results.

You can see the success of the treatment immediately. You can return to your normal routine after around 3 days.

You will need to wear a compression bra for 6 weeks after the operation to achieve a perfect result. During this time, you should also avoid raising your arms above your shoulders and strenuous physical activity. The implants have usually fully integrated after 3 months.

We will discuss and explain all potential risks in detail prior to your operation. All operations carry a risk. As cosmetic surgery constitutes what is known as an elective, voluntary intervention, it is even more important that the patient is fully informed and prepared for the operation. We offer our full support to you before and after the operation, and are available 24/7 during this period.