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Lipödem Spezialist in Bonn

Lipoedema is a lipodystrophy (a condition affecting the distribution of fat cells in the body) that occurs mainly on the upper and lower legs and includes orthostatic oedema, which tend to
appear during the second half of the day, along with vague pain (Lipohyperplasia dolorosa). If these three elements are not present, the condition is referred to as lipohypertrophy. In the case of lipoedema, the swellings tend to stop at the ankles. The arms and trunk are often affected, which is why it is referred to as a systemic condition. The first symptoms tend to appear at the end of puberty, but the condition can occur at any
stage of life. According to epidemiological studies, around 10% of all women are affected. However, as the condition is very hard to diagnose and there aren’t many doctors with the requisite qualifications and expertise, we expect the number to be far greater in reality.


It is an issue most of us are all too familiar with: the difference between our desired appearance and our actual appearance. Despite doing lots of exercise and eating a balanced diet, some problem areas just refuse to change. You are careful about what you eat and pay attention to the number of calories you consume, while ensuring that you are burning a high number, but the results remain unsatisfactory. Early motivation turns into frustration. Saddlebags, lumpy knees, love handles and belly fat make life hard. Liposuction is one effective method that we can use to address these problem areas.

But you need to be aware of one thing: liposuction is not a miracle cure. It has its limits. It is ideally suited in cases where you have fatty deposits that do not budge, despite a healthy exercise regime and diet, where your body weight is no more than 30% above your ideal weight and where you have firm and supple skin and a good muscle tone. If you tick these boxes, liposuction should achieve very good results. But liposuction can also be a starting point for change – for a new daily routine with more exercise and a healthier diet.

Fettabsaugung Frau in Bonn
Neuromodulators (botulinum toxin)
Botox Bonn
Neuromodulators (botulinum toxin)

Strongly pronounced facial expressions can mean that emotions leave traces on our skin from a young age. And this is not always a bad thing. Some faces can appear even more attractive and interesting as a result.
But there is a reason why we talk about “frown lines” and “furrowed brows” – and sometimes doctors spot “crow’s feet” in areas around the eyes that we previously just perceived as laughter lines. Just as wrinkles can hold positive attributes, they can also be associated with negative ones, such as exhaustion, constant stress and tension.

Wrinkles are entirely natural and are part of being human. But we are now able to manage the appearance of wrinkles thanks to modern medicine. Treatments using neuromodulators/botulinum toxin allow us to reduce wrinkles over the long term so we can feel refreshed and younger.
In recent times, treatments with neuromodulators (botulinum toxin) have also been used to treat migraines, grinding of teeth, voiding disorders, hyperhydrosis and many other conditions. The many different medical applications show that botulinum toxin is not just for cosmetic use; instead it represents a medical treatment that should only be used by experts.


With increasing age, the skin loses its elasticity and volume. This causes wrinkles, while those facial landmarks that serve to create a youthful appearance – such as high cheeks, an appropriate submental angle and a straight chin line – disappear and begin to lack definition. The entire face starts to droop. Fillers (hyaluronic acid | calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres) can be used to fill deep, static wrinkles and to reconstruct anchor points on the face, which results in an instantly more youthful appearance. Both hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite are chemicals produced by the body. They decompose fully – in around 6 to 24 months for hyaluronic acid and 24-36 months for calcium hydroxylapatite. As hyaluronic acid can be broken down using hylase, we generally use this product for filler treatments. There are specific filler substances that should be used for different parts of the face. They differ in terms of how they interlink, the volume increase that they achieve and the depth that

Filler for women in Bonn