Morpheus 8

Classic microneedling is a thing of the past! Morpheus 8™ utilises a deep microneedling process with fractional radiofrequency stimulation to produce significantly healthier, more youthful and tauter looking skin – without surgery.

The next level – radiofrequency microneedling

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The next level – radiofrequency microneedling

Classic microneedling is a thing of the past! Morpheus 8™ utilises a deep microneedling process with fractional radiofrequency stimulation to produce significantly healthier, more youthful and tauter looking skin – and there is no surgery involved!

Over the years, the skin loses its elasticity. Dynamic wrinkles, which may previously only have been visible when the face moves, can turn into deep furrows in old age. The skin’s pores become smaller, and as a whole it becomes thinner and drier, with cell division processes beginning to slow as early as during the 25th year of life. The body produces less collagen and elastin – the essential building blocks for the regeneration of the skin.

The Morpheus 8 system allows us to stimulate both local fat decomposition and the formation of collagen and elastin (connective tissue) at various tissue depths with a clearly visible effect. The deep stimulation of the skin prompts a remodelling of the connective tissue layers. This results in a process that is a bit like the skin reorganising itself. Minor indentations in the skin are smoothed and wrinkles become less visible. The skin becomes firmer, more open-pored and thicker again. The Morpheus 8 micro pins can be applied at depths between 0.5 mm and 7 mm and at different radiofrequency and energy densities.

This makes it possible to perform a specially tailored, individual therapy for every region of the body and face – without any risks and with no recovery time needed. In other words, you can resume your normal life within 24 hours of the treatment.


At a glance


30-60 minutes


Local anaesthetic


Cooling the treated area




After 48 hours


You will see the first results after a few days. After a few weeks and even months, the improvements to the skin become more and more evident, as the deep radiofrequency stimulation stimulates a profound change in the skin structure.

Morpheus 8™ can heat even the deep layers of skin in a controlled and safe manner. This stimulates a controlled new formation of collagen and elastin – the most important building blocks of the connective tissue in young, healthy skin. Unlike many other procedures, this leads to a remodelling of all the skin’s layers. The network of elastin and collagen fibres within the layers of the skin is effectively restructured. In addition, the localised heat causes a controlled decomposition of the deep-lying fat cells. This is controlled by the energy used, which the therapist can vary for the different skin regions.

The head of the Morpheus 8™ device contains numerous tiny nails which can be applied to different layers of tissue. The length of the needles varies from region to region. The needles are silicone-coated, so the radiofrequency energy is only applied to the correct depth and is only bipolar or multipolar.

No. An hour before the treatment takes place, a high-dose anaesthetic cream is applied to the face and other skin areas that are to be treated up to a depth of 3-4 mm. This ensures that the treatment is totally pain-free.
We usually inject local anaesthetic into the regions of the body where the depths being treated are between 4-7 mm. This ensures that these areas are also fully numb prior to the treatment commencing.

Following treatment, the skin should be supplied with sufficient moisture and direct sunlight should be avoided. We recommend using a high-factor sun cream for the first few days after the procedure (over SPF 50).
Slight redness and swelling are totally normal for up to one week after therapy – this depends on the intensity of the treatment itself. Make-up can be applied one day after the procedure as normal.

Morpheus 8™ can be successfully used on all regions of the body that could benefit from subdermal renewal. The areas that we treat most regularly in our practice include:

  • Face + cheeks + eye region
  • Neck, chin, jawline
  • On the body: upper arms, thighs, knees, buttocks, abdomen, back

Morpheus 8™ is suitable for all skin types (types I to VI).

Morpheus 8™ is ideal for the treatment of acne scars on the face, décolleté and back areas.

Treatment with Morpheus 8™ has become established as a non-invasive method for treating the sweat glands in the case of excessive sweat secretion. Radiofrequency energy is applied to reduce and even stop the functionality of the sweat glands over the long-term.

  • Rejuvenation of the skin | improvement of the skin structure
  • Tightening of facial contours (sagging cheeks | double chin | bags under the eyes)
  • Refining the appearance of the skin (pores | pigmentation | scars) + minimising large pores
  • Supplying moisture (for more “glow”)
  • Gentle face lifts: Skin tightening | tissue tightening
  • Reduction + smoothing of wrinkles on the face (wrinkles | nasolabial folds), on the neck and décolleté
  • Reduction + correction of scars (acne scars)
  • Treatment of active and even cystic acne
  • Tightening and strengthening the connective tissue | reduction of wrinkles on the body
  • Tightening fat reduction | reduction of local fatty deposits (body contouring)
  • Cellulite reduction | stretch marks
  • Reduction of sweat glands (hyperhydrosis treatment)
  • Treatment of pigment spots | age spots

The duration and frequency of Morpheus 8 applications depends on the region to be treated. As a rule, 2-3 treatments are required every 4-6 weeks. A refresher treatment can be performed after 6-12 months to achieve a lasting effect.

Morpheus 8™ is ideally suited to the post-treatment of liposuction. It allows the skin on the inner thighs and knees in particular to be considerably tightened. This creates a more homogeneous and even skin appearance.

In order to achieve maximum tightening, we actually strongly recommend that these methods are combined.

Yes, patients with heart and brain pacemakers should not be treated.