BODYTITE is one of the most effective and modern liposuction methods for intraoperative skin tightening. Bipolar radio frequency therapy is used to send energy directly where it is needed – the skin.
Your skin becomes thicker, more elastic and firmer with the treatment. The procedure is especially gentle on the lymphatic pathways, nerves and blood vessels.

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Liposuction is now one of the most frequently performed treatments in plastic surgery. When we are young, our skin generally has an outstanding ability to retract. This means that connective tissue and skin layers tighten effectively, even when large amounts of fat are extracted. Unfortunately, the skin’s ability to retract declines with age. Here’s an example to bring this to life: think of a balloon – you can blow it up and let the air out over and over again without the surface tension of the balloon losing its elasticity. The skin is not like this. Instead the skin only has an increasingly limited recovery potential depending on the amount of fat that is removed. And this capacity gets considerably worse when you are no longer in your early twenties. The more fat that is removed, the worse the skin is at contracting. You are left with hanging areas of skin, especially in particularly sensitive areas such as the upper and lower abdomen, the inner thighs, above the knees and on the upper arms.


At a glance


60 minutes


Local anaesthetic


Cooling the treated area




After 4 weeks


Around 30-120 minutes per treatment area.

Only in extremely rare cases. The system automatically switches off when a certain temperature in the tissue is reached. We work very carefully and only work in the subnecrotic area.

No. We use the same portals that we use for the liposuction.

No. We only work below the skin. The radio frequency energy only flows through the skin. Underlying vessels, lymphatic tracts and nerves are protected and lie outside the working area.

In some cases, the swelling phase may be longer than usual.

The BodyTite™ treatment is ideal for areas that do not have optimal skin recovery power following high-volume fat extraction.

The inner thighs, upper and lower abdomen, upper arms, the area above the knees and the area below the buttocks (saddle bags) are best suited to the treatment.

With a pure BodyTite™ treatment, 10-20% of the desired results are visible immediately after the treatment, followed by 20%-30% improvement within 6 months and up to 41% of further skin retraction after one year of wound healing. Please note that the retraction process varies from patient to patient. It depends on age, extent of liposuction, the amount of sagging skin and skin quality in general.

When the treatment is combined with liposuction, the results take several months to appear due to the additive effect of liposuction and BodyTite™.

Generally, one operation is sufficient.

Due to the transdermal heat application, the BodyTite™ system leads to a targeted collagen synthesis and realignment of elastin fibres, in addition to the tightening effect. This results in smoother, thicker-looking skin.

Yes. After successful liposuction and the BodyTite™ treatment, it is possible to perform local treatment with the Morpheus8 system with an application length of 3-7 mm. In some cases, this can be performed during the same session, in others it needs to be done in a separate intervention. We decide what is best based on the individual case.

If you are just undergoing BodyTite™ treatment, you only need to wear compression clothing for 2 weeks; in the case of combined treatment with liposuction, you need to wear it for 6 weeks.

No. We can perform an elective BodyTite™ treatment if you suffer from sagging skin due to heavy weight loss, pregnancy or lax skin following liposuction performed by another surgeon.